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Saigon's Deadly Game is the first book in the Temptations Saga. It is a dark, adult drama about war torn Saigon. Saigon's Deadly Game was written for avid readers, who want to curl up with a compelling story for an entire rainy week-end or two. We begin with Middle Aged Marge, the core protagonist of the entire Temptations Saga, sitting quietly on a snowy evening in Newfou Saigon's Deadly Game is the first book in the Temptations Saga. It is a dark, adult drama about war torn Saigon. Saigon's Deadly Game was written for avid readers, who want to curl up with a compelling story for an entire rainy week-end or two. We begin with Middle Aged Marge, the core protagonist of the entire Temptations Saga, sitting quietly on a snowy evening in Newfoundland in her warm, white, writing room, calmly writing memoirs of growing up in the USA in the 1950s. Marge is startled by the sudden appearance of a frightened young female spirit in her private space. The two of them begin to communicate via writing through magical means. Tu Kim is in terrifying trouble! After the jarring disappearance of the sweet young author, Marge is thrown back into recollections of her own turbulent teenage years, when she met handsome Derik Johnson, and literally, fell headlong in love. Meanwhile Kim's frightened spirit follows Marge back through time, where she hitches a ride inside young Marge's body to visit her beloved hero, Derik Martel Johnson. Marge has been preparing for this romantic reunion for months. SHE is unaware of Kim's presence or the extent of shattering in her own psyche. Marge feels terror when she hears herself babbling proclamations of love to Derik in French. Derik senses the presence of Kim's Spirit and Marge's bilingual Marie as well as the earnest Diva swirling around inside Marge's sexy body. The complex erotic encounter shakes Derik to his very core. Sam, Derik's best friend, feels the reverberations of the earthquake inside Derik's soul and calls him. Sam helps Derik sort out his roiling emotions about his lost almond eyed beauty, Tu Kim, his recent flame, the mysterious missing Marge and his newly betrothed, Bonnie. Tu Kim visits Derik in a dream with a dire warning about young Marge. Fortunately for Marge and her modeling friend, Cheryl, Derik takes prophetic visions and portents very seriously. The day of Bonnie's Wedding Shower at work an unusual gift arrives by post. Bonnie's first, exceedingly odd encounter with Marge is via cursive and printing. Bonnie does not heed Marge's heartfelt request and instead hides her gift of love. Through Derik's journal, which he begins that evening, we travel even farther back in time to war torn Saigon in the late 1960s, where the talented medic begins to relive his youth. On R and R exploring the city, Derik spies an impossibly beautiful, very young girl being pimped on a street corner. Morally outraged, Derik takes the bait, snatches her away from her skinny pimp and tries to take her home. Thus the "Little Fish", Kim and her handsome John become hooked as the newest pawns in Saigon's Deadly Game. The "Pretty Pair" must then run a gauntlet between the Pimps and the Elder Players of "The Game". Derik Martel Johnson is brave and brilliant. Amazing Tu Kim is multi-talented. Together they have the skills and tenacity to win "The Game" but there are other forces at work here, including some very powerful and influential men and an evil Warlock. Derik's Commanding Officers, his sparring partners and other soldiers, close friends on both sides, upstanding local citizens and a crazy AWOL Huey pilot, all try to help them survive their harrowing adventure. I hope you enjoy this tale in which devotion defies depravity and compassion vies with corruption. Not all finales are grand and this one is terribly sad but the story of Sam, Derik, Charlie, Subtle Thunder, Tony, Marge and Tu Kim's Spirit continues in Sam's West Coast Adventures.

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Saigon's Deadly Game

Saigon's Deadly Game scaricare

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Saigon's Deadly Game Marjohn Love ebooks

Saigon's Deadly Game epub gratis

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scaricare Saigon's Deadly Game epub

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Saigon's Deadly Game epub scaricare

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  • Autore: Marjohn Love
  • Editore: Leuven University Press
  • I dati pubblicati:
  • ISBN: 6702695568
  • Formato del Ebooks: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Numero di pagine: 719 pagine pages
  • Dimensione del file: 45MB
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  • Saigon's Deadly Game  - Girolamo 29 July 2016 | Risposta
    In esso non puoi semplicemente credere !!! Grazie per la registrazione rapida e il più semplice semplice, tutto consigliato da questo sito, a due passi di distanza, e il libro sul mio iPhone. Se vuoi scaricare qualsiasi libro, sei arrivato nel posto giusto!
    • Saigon's Deadly Game  - Elena 11 August 2016 | Risposta
      Buon libro, grazie che mi è piaciuto. (:
    • Saigon's Deadly Game  - Mariano 12 May 2016 | Risposta
      Adoro Marjohn Love, questo libro Saigon's Deadly Game è semplicemente bellissimo. Grazie!
    • Saigon's Deadly Game  - Bibiana 30 August 2016 | Risposta
      questo è stato fantastico lo amavo.
    • Saigon's Deadly Game  - Agata 3 May 2016 | Risposta
      ciao a tutti come scaricare l\'intero libro
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